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It takes a lot of courage to leave your home country and settle somewhere else with your family. During the first steps of this new way of life, we want to be by your side. Our goal is to provide you with our Relocation services for a smoother relocation in the United Kingdom.

Whether you need help with:

  • Sourcing for renting a house 租樓服務

  • Sourcing for purchasing a property 買樓服務

  • Property Letting Service 物業出租服務

  • Property Management 物業管理

  • Refurbishment projects management 裝修工程管理

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Danny, lives with his family in Liverpool thanks to Asterisk - This year, my accountant Mr. Vincent introduced Mr. Roby Law to me in order to help me move to the UK and fulfill my dreams. We have already liked this country. Mr. Roby is a meticulous person; he handled all the immigration documents for us and prepared a very beautiful house for my family, including electricity, water, gas, wifi. So, our children, my wife, and I landed in the UK on October 26th, 2021. Mr. Roby picked us up from the Manchester Airport, invited us to a delicious lunch that we really needed after 16 hours flight from Hong Kong to the UK. We love our quiet living location. There are 3-4 supermarkets and shopping centres within 15-20 minutes away by walking. We have a morning walk in beautiful Victoria Park, facing all the friendly people there. Mr. Roby introduced us to a good school for our children. He is honestly a liable person. Please choose Asterisk; they have a good system of accountants, lawyers, and a good network in England and will give your family efficient support.

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