Summer Dance School in Prague + English

The Summer Dance School in Prague is a unique program developed by the International Union of Youth in cooperation with the Prague Breaking School and Daily Fitness. This program was created for students who want to spend an unforgettable summer in the Czechia, learn English with native speakers and make friends from all over the world. Additionally to all these benefits, most importantly, participants can learn from first-class dance masters in the heart of Europe.

If you are an active person who already has a dancing experience or just wants to start and learn from the beginning, this program is for you!


1/7-30/7 ; 1/8-30/8
(50 academic hours)

Academic : 4 times/week ; Sport trainings : 2 hours/day,  4-5 times/week

Classes Taught:

1. English

2. History of the Czechia, Central and Eastern Europe


The Summer Dance School in Prague dance lessons for the following styles:


A mix of popular styles, such as Hip-Hop, Hype, Funky. Insights into the streetdance gives students an ability to find and create his own style


Currently is one of the most trendy directions. B-Boys and B-Girls compete in dance battles, dance and enjoy the atmosphere


A style that is based on expressive movements and steps. Students will be able to learn the most important steps of this style: Jack, Jacking, Footwork and Lofting


A new style that appeared because of the reggae music. Dancehall-style dancer works with the body in a completely different way. This dance is very dynamic and provocative.

Additionally, participants of the program can try themselves in various styles, such as Poping, Locking, Wacking, Contemporary, New Style Hustle and even Krump. The Summer Dance School in Prague provides an excellent opportunity to learn all variations
of Break-Dance. Moreover, each participant will be able to reveal his talent and natural inclinations. We guarantee an individual approach, regardless of the age and experience of the program participants


We provides

  • Necessary documents to obtain a visa to the Czechia

  • Pick up at the airport, transfer to the accommodation

  • Registration with the Foreign Police

  • Certificate after the successful completion of studies

  • Accommodation in Prague

  • Meals (breakfasts and dinners)

  • The ticket for all types of transport for all the program’s duration

  • Local sim card with the Czech number for mobile phone

  • Entertaining activities

  • Support in Prague

  • Organization of 24/7 medical care

  • Sport cloth (shorts, T-shirt and bag) from Nike and Joma

  • Unlimited free access to fitness centres (for the students from 15 years old);


Entertainment Program

  •  Welcome Party

  • Orientation tour in Prague

  • Guided excursion to the sightseeing such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, etc.

  • Visit to the museum, exhibition

  • Boat trip on Vltava

  • Visit to the famous Prague Zoo

  • Swimming pool, beach

  • Visit to the largest water park in the Czech Republic

  • Night walking tour in  Prague

  • Various sport events

  • Trip to Karlovy Vary

  • Trip to Cesky Krumlov

  • Farewell party

  • Visits to the most prestigious Czech universities in Prague, acquaintance with the system of higher and post-higher education in Europe


“Prague Breaking School” 
Represents not just the dance school but also one of the foremost and popular break-dance groups in the Czech Republic. Young and talented participants of the “Prague Breaking School” share a common desires and spirit. Dancers of “Prague Breaking School” are participant of European and world dance tournaments and winners of numerous competitions. “Prague Breaking School” usually collaborates with Czech celebrities and perform as an accompaniment for the music clips and clips and concerts