International Summer Football Camp in Prague + English Language

A unique one-month program of the summer football camp in Prague includes constant football training within language courses. The program is focused on Czech language study and active way of spending time in summer – football trainings on the fields of the best football club in the Czech Republic The Prague Sparta (, the constant participant of the Champions League, Europa League, Football Association of the Czech Republic (, and NIKE.

The unique program of the summer football camp in Prague is aimed at groups well as individuals! To participate in this program you might be a professional football player or a beginner. This program can vary depending on professional abilities of the players. In summer football camp the participants will have a great opportunity to try theirs skills in professional football, playing on the fields of one of the best European football clubs. This program helps young people to improve their football skills, to meet real football stars, to gain invaluable international experience as well as get positive emotions! The trainings are held by professional coaches with the opportunity to use infrastructure in the club. Games and trainings alternate with active cultural and educational programs. After finishing the program participants will get the certificates from the club. This international program is planned for young people from all over the world


1/7-30/7 ; 1/8-30/8
(50 academic hours)

Sparta Football players will actively observe football trainings and 

the best players with outstanding results can receive an offer for further cooperation with club Sparta.

Academic : 5 times/week ; Football trainings : 2 hours/day,  4 times/week

Classes Taught:

1. Czech and English introductory language

2. History of the Czechia, Central and Eastern Europe

After finishing the program students will get the Certificate of Achievement.


We provides

  • Accomodation in Prague

  • 1 month transport ticket (all means of transport are included)

  • Czech SIM-card

  • Cultural program

  • Unlimited free access to fitness centres (for the students from 15 years old)


Cultural Program

  • Welcome party

  • Orientation program in Prague

  • Guided tour in Prague, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge

  • Visit to a museum, exhibition

  • Vltava River Boat Tour

  • Visit to the famous Prague Zoo

  • Swimming pool, beach

  • The biggest aquapark in the Czech Republic

  • Night walk in Prague

  • Organization of sport events

  • Trip to Karlovy Vary

  • Trip to Karlstejn Castle

  • Farewell evening


Official website of the International's football Academy in Prague

The program within the football academy is held in Prague. Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, and also one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. Prague is situated on the river Vltava in central Bohemia with the population of 1.3 million people. Prague is called “A City of a Hundred Spires” and “Golden city”. n 1992 Prague’s historical center has been included in the World Heritage List: properties around the world protected by UNESCO. Prague can be easily called the biggest museum in the open air. According to Guinness World Records, Prague Castle is the biggest ancient castle in the world. A lot of tourists visit Prague during the year because there are many places of interest worth seeing.